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Are OjO toys safe for my child?

OjO toys have passed all EU safety testing for ages 3+, including EN71 and Reach regulations, in accordance with the EU Toy Safety Directive. They have gone through rigorous testing with a third party safety lab recommended by The British Toy and Hobby Association. We have worked hard to design educational toys that meet the highest standards of safety, quality, and educational value for your family.

How are OjO toys different from other learning toys and activity subscriptions available on the market?

OjO toys are designed to meet your child’s developmental milestones and to provide just the right amount of challenge, without being over stimulating. They are based on proven teaching methods and aspects of Early Years curricula such as EYFS, Montessori and STEAM principles. Some unique aspects of our toys include:

· Isolation of difficulty: This encourages your child to practice his existing skills while tackling one new concept at a time, allowing him to challenge himself without getting overwhelmed.

· Progressive levels of challenge: Our toys are designed to grow with your child. As she learns, she will discover new ways to play that will stretch her skills. Our toys are introduced in sequence because they build upon one another.

· Control of error: Our toys include features that help children to self-correct. This encourages your child to repeat and gain the tremendous benefits of problem solving independently.

· Simplicity: Our toys are made of natural materials without lights, sounds and too many bright colors or patterns. This allows children to focus as they play without being distracted or over stimulated. Our toys are not built to entertain your child, but rather to engage his curiosity, creativity, and problem solving skills.

Do you have an educational certification?

Our toys, games and materials are developed by child development and early education experts who are internationally certified in Early Years education. Get to know our team here (connect to team page).

For what ages are OjO toys suitable?

While our toys start at ages 3 years old and upwards, your child can progress from one kit to the next at their own pace. They are designed to grow with your child, presenting new challenges as she develops.

How do I introduce OjO toys to my school?

OjO is excited to be partnering with schools around the country to help serve parent communities. As educators ourselves, we greatly value our school partners. Contact us at [email protected] if you or your school are interested in working together or would like to buy materials for your classroom or students.

Are the kits reusable?

The Ed-ventures kit is almost completely reusable. The only components that cannot be reused are the scissor practice and pencil control sheets. It is possible however to photocopy these sheets in order to redo the activity.

Most of the components from our Maker Kits are also reusable as they can be taken apart and rebuilt in different ways. The Mars Mission Kit and the Raft Making Kit are especially easy to reuse. The Moon Friends Kit and The Bird Nest Kit however, have less scope for reusability as your child is likely to make a single outcome (or set of outcomes) to be kept for display or further pretend play. They may even like to hang the Bird Nest outside!

Where do you ship to?

Shipping is free for all UK orders over £20 across the United Kingdom. We will be expanding internationally soon! If you’d like us to notify you once we’ve expanded, let us know what country you’re from by emailing us at [email protected]

Ed-ventures Kit

What comes with my Ed-ventures kit?

Your Ed-ventures kit includes developmentally appropriate games and materials for your child, as well as access to our online videos and Parent Handbook created by our early years education experts. The Ed-ventures kit focuses on XX key skills for success in school, supported by:

· Demo tutorials of each key skill with detailed instructions on the best way to introduce it to your child and to maximize its benefits in the Parent Handbook
· Early Years expert advice describing the educational principles and latest research about the skills your child develops by using the games and materials provided
· Guidance and tips on working with children at home

Maker Kits

What comes with my Maker kit?

Your Maker Kit includes developmentally appropriate materials and simple instructions for your child to complete the Maker Challenge, along with access to our online tutorial videos and supplementary content created by our early education experts.

What’s the difference between the Mars Mission Kit and the other kits?

The Mars Mission Kit is our first Hero Kit, which comes with THREE creative projects, along with additional educational content including an activity leaflet of brain-boosting exercises, decoder glasses and a Boarding Pass to Mars.

The remaining Starter Kits consist of individual problem-solving challenges, to boost creativity and imagination using out of the box materials.

All kits come with online video tutorials and supplementary educational content.

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