Eat A Rainbow

Eating A Rainbow

This Eat a Rainbow Ed-venture will make fruits and vegetables seem irresistible to your child (and to you!) We all know how important it is to eat our 5-a-day, and how great it makes us feel when we’re eating healthily. The thought of eating fruit and veg instead of crisps and choccies may not be the most appealing idea to our children – so that’s why we’ve given it a fun, colourful twist.

Eating a Rainbow is a world-wide wellness campaign that champions the benefits of eating brightly coloured fruit and veg every day. We were all told as children to ‘eat our greens’, but we now know that eating your reds, yellows, oranges, blues and even purples is just as important.

This is an Ed-venture that you can revisit regularly or use daily as a healthy lifestyle change, and a good way to get children to broaden their minds and try new foods!

The Eat-A-Rainbow activity is simple – all you need is a selection of different coloured fruits and vegetables.

Step 1.

Make sure your child is familiar with the colours of the rainbow. You can show them a picture to help them identify each colour, or stick to the classic rainbow song we all know!

Step 2.

Let your child create a visual rainbow out of the vegetables. This will remind them of colour sorting before they get munching!

Step 3.

Now talk with your child about the fruits and vegetables, see how many they can identify. You can also find out their preferences this way, so you know which tasty fruit and veg to use in wholesome meals.

Bonus Ed-venture

Using a checklist, get your child to check off on their rainbow which fruits and vegetables they are eating, to ensure they’re getting healthy balance.

When you’re doing the food shop, take the opportunity to look for a ‘rainbow to eat’. You can also give your children better practice at colours while you do this – they won’t realise they are learning!

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