Chopsticks Challenge

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There’s no way we love to learn better than through food! With this food Ed-venture, you can increase your child’s cultural awareness as well as their hand-eye coordination, concentration and motor skills. And broaden their minds by trying out some new foods!

The hands-on Ed-venture requires your child to hold chopsticks the traditional way, but if it’s a bit fiddly and hard to master, one in each hand is a good starting point. If your family is hungry for a challenge, you can all be involved in seeing how many items of food you can get into your bowl in one minute!  

For the Chopsticks Challenge, you will need:

A tray

A bowl


Food of a variety of sizes

Step 1.

Fill the tray with your chosen food. Foods that work well include pasta, rice, cereal, marshmallows, and as a healthy option, chopped up fruit and veg.

Step 2.

Let the chopstick challenge begin! See how many items of food you can move from the tray into your bowl. Try timing yourself and see how many you can get in one minute.

Step 3.

Enjoy your victory food (hopefully not too much ended up on the floor!)

Bonus ed-venture:

Why not try a bowl of traditional Chinese noodles!

You can also get your very own beginners chopsticks to tailor the ed-venture better for your child

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