Chair For A Bear

Chair For A Bear – Engineering Or Children

This lego Ed-Venture has a familiar and exciting theme that puts STEM learning into practice. Goldilocks and the Three Bears is a timeless classic that we all love. Because the story will be such a hit with your child, we’ve paired it with an engineering based activity that will get your little one thinking, strategy building, problem solving and most importantly; having fun with you!

All you need is:


A small teddy bear

A copy of Goldilocks storybook

The purpose of this activity is for your child to build Baby Bear a new chair out of Lego, because Goldilocks broke his.  If your son or daughter is unfamiliar with the story, you may wish to read it as a bedtime story before you tackle this activity.

Step 1.

Recap the story and explain why a new chair needs to be built. Use the teddy bear as the model to ensure the chair is the right fit for Baby Bear.

Step 2.

Take a moment to go over the basic tips for building a secure structure with Lego – for example overlapping bricks – to ensure your child is clued up before the building begins.

Step 3.

Get to work! Make sure you discuss the process of building the chair as you go, as this is just as important as building the chair itself. For example, asking ‘why’ and ‘how’ questions is key.

Bonus Ed-Venture

If your child is a natural builder, why not try to:

Build each member of the bear family a chair – this will teach them how to work things out according to size.

If chairs isn’t your child’s thing, why not make the bears each a bed, or a family table.

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