Alphabet Soup!

Play Foam Alphabet Activity 1

Looking for mess-free, educational fun? This simple and enjoyable communication activity involves the incredibly tactile Playfoam to help generate conversation and phonics learning opportunities for your child, no matter their age!

The very youngest will enjoy the activity of copying letters in Playfoam form, whereas older children can demonstrate their greater phonetic awareness and create words with it. The activity encourages early literacy practice as children shape and mould the foam into letters. Your child will be reading and writing in no time!

You will need:


Card, paper or a whiteboard (cut in squares 10-12cm wide)

Felt-tip pen or crayon, we recommend Paint Sticks

Before you start…

For younger children, give them a little Playfoam demo. It’s also a good idea to allow a little free play before you start, just to get that initial burst of energy out of the way! Then you can focus more on building their attention and concentration. This is particularly true for Playfoam – it’s irresistibly fun!

Step 1.

Slowly write a lowercase letter of your choice while your child watches. Maybe start with easy ones like ‘i’ and ‘c’ and move on to more complicated letters when your child gets the hang of it!

Step 2.

Trace back over the letter with your finger and say the sound of the letter. Then ask your child to do the same, repeating the process. This multi-sensory technique (‘see it, say it, feel it’) is really useful. (If you’re unsure about the correct pronunciation of the letter sounds, the Mr Thorne Does Phonics videos on YouTube are an excellent resource).

Step 3.

Use the Playfoam to make the letter while discussing the process and shapes.

Step 4.

Match your Playfoam letter to the one that you drew. Compare them for accuracy, and see if your little one can remember the sound of the letter, or even repeat the finger tracing technique over the Playfoam letter.

Step 5.

Choose another letter and repeat the steps!

Don’t forget to take pictures of your child’s hard work and share with OJO! We are on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram as @learnwithojo

OJO tip:

Please make sure to keep the Playfoam away from under 3s!  Playfoam is non-toxic but it’s still a good idea to keep it away from the little ones who like to put things in their mouths.

OJO loves Playfoam because it has no expiry date! Simply store in a tupperware box for long life.

Bonus Ed-Ventures:

Try getting your child to spell out their name with the Playfoam. It’s a good chance to teach them how capital letters go at the beginning of a proper noun!

Or try ‘colouring in’ pictures with the Playfoam like this tasty ice cream! And then see if they can say the name and make the first letter.

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