Roll A Ball

Roll A Ball

Channel your child’s inner artist with this creative Roll a Ball Ed-venture – a fun way to develop fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination, as well as an awareness of colour, shape, lines and form. Create your own Jackson Pollock style artwork, simply by rolling bouncy balls through paint – introducing children to colour mixing, as well as concepts such as size and sequencing. Best of all, it’s a super fun activity for the kids which will bring out their creativity!

This Ed-Venture only takes 5 minutes to prep. You will need:

A few sheets of paper

A shallow box or tray

Different colours of paint

Balls in a variety of sizes. You can even try using toy cars – watch how the wheels make tracks!

There are endless learning opportunities with Roll-a-Ball. To get the most out of the activity, encourage your child to notice the following:

Does a ball roll faster if the tray is tilted slightly, or at a steeper slant?

What happens when one ball runs over the path of paint that’s a different colour?

What happens when the colours smear together? Your child may notice changing of colours!

Which ball spreads the most paint? When OJO had some fun with the Roll-a-Ball Ed-Venture, we found that the tennis ball created great coverage, while the dryer ball only left speckles of paint.

Created an abstract masterpiece? We’d love to see! Upload to social media and use the hashtag #learnwithOJO.

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