Robot Workshop


Learn about Robotics by designing and building robots for space mission challenges on  an alien world!

The Robot Workshop Game offers a new way to learn about Robotics systems, structures and functions. Inspired by NASA’s CURIOSITY ROVER sent to Mars children solve missions and challenges while building problem solving skillsand imagination, while having fun with family and classmates!

Key features:

Fun family game for all the family!
Learn about Robotics and how Robots work!
Develop problem-solving and engineering design skills and apply Robotics concepts from a young age.
Feel like a Robotics Engineer to solve space mission challenges.
Robot parts (Tiles) describe al functions, ensuring active learning takes place.

Why Robotics?

In the future, robots will be used to make people’s lives easier. They are able to do complicated tasks, or things too dangerous for humans to do. It is likely that a lot of space exploration will be done using robots. This is already happening today with robots like the Curiosity Rover on Mars. But humans will still have a job to do, as we will still need people to design the robots, and that is where YOU come in!

Learning about Robotics functions, structures and systems is a great place for children to start understanding the functions machines can perform.

We have designed this game to provide active learning while having fun. Children have missions to build robots using the functions available, so that they understand how machinefunctions are incorporated. This also boosts creativity and problem solving skills.

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How does it work?

1. Place player counters on the START spaceship, place robot part tiles on their spaces in the workshop area and place 1 mission card on each of the MISSION spaces on the board face down, including the finish.
2. Each player takes a robot core tile. Make sure to read the robot parts guide to learn the functions of each part.
3. Roll the dice to move through the board. If player passes aMISSION space, they have to stop at it and read their card, containing information needed to build a robot for the mission.
4. Place the chosen robot parts on the spaces provided in the workshop area.
5. Each robot uses one core, one head, one arm and one leg attachment each.
6. Once the player is happy with their choice, the answer is revealed to them. If the answer is chosen correctly they are allowed to continue to move. If they do not guess correctly THEY MISS ONE TURN.
7. When the player has completed their turn, another card is put on the space face down for the next player who crosses it.
8. First player to reach the FINISH card and complete the mission wins the game!

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