To the Moon!

Moon Rocket

You probably already know that planet Earth is orbited monthly by the Moon, but did you know that there are at least 148 other moons in our solar system spinning around the other planets?

How big is the Moon?

If you had a piece of wrapping paper the size of Africa, you could wrap the Moon up like a present!

The Sun and the Moon might look like the same size up in the sky but it’s just an illusion! The Sun is actually much bigger but also much farther away from us than the Moon. That tiny dot above represents the size of the Moon in comparison to the Sun.

Why does the Moon shine?

We’ve all seen the full Moon shining brightly on a clear night, the Moon itself however does not produce any light of its own. Light from the Sun bounces off the surface of the Moon and into our eyes!

How far away is the Moon?

If there was a road connecting the Earth to the Moon, it would take about 130 days to drive the whole way!

Who lives on the Moon?

No aliens have been found on our moon however, it is possible that Saturn’s moon Enceladus and Jupiter’s moon Europa could support tiny alien life forms!

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