Moon Rocks


Inspired by one of OJO’s favourite books Moon Man by Tomi Ungerer, this Moon Rocks activity will encourage your child to explore textures through easy sensory play, and build something with plenty of wow-factor. There are multiple benefits of this ed-venture, including giving your child an understanding of narratives, as well as improving their hand eye coordination.

The idea of Moon Rocks is to create your own space planet with just flour, baby oil, glitter and plasticine – yes, it really is that simple! This spacey Ed-venture is perfect for little hands, and will keep them busy for hours.

Here’s what you’ll need to create your planet masterpiece:

A tray


Baby oil



Small toys to set the scene, for example Lego men.

Step 1.

Create your plasticine moon rocks. Practice rolling different sized rocks in your hands and pushing in craters with your fingers. Encourage your child to get creative!

Step 2.

Now mix together the flour and baby oil in the tray – you will need a 1:8 ratio of water to flour. Try to get your child to use their hands to do the mixing – the messier the better for getting the most out of sensory play.

Step 3.

Sparkle time. Add glitter to the mixture, making sure it holds together like sand does when you make sandcastles on the beach.

Step 4.

Add your moon rocks and toys to the tray, and let the space adventure begin! Try forming more moon rocks by moulding the mixture in your hands – your child will love getting immersed in the messy side of the activity, and it will let their imagination run wild as they play with the sand and the characters. You can even collect leaves from outside to create a garden scene just like in Moon Man!

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