Mission to Mars

Mars Featured Image

Did you know that humans could be walking on Mars within the next 7 years? Although this is probably unlikely, several companies including NASA and SpaceX are working hard to launch a manned mission to Mars between 2025 and 2035!

Mars Touch Down!

How big is Mars?

Earth is about 6 times bigger than planet Mars!


Curiosity is the name of the car-sized rover that has been exploring Mars since 2012. NASA built and launched Curiosity on its mission in 2011, taking just under a year to arrive on Mars. Curiosity’s mission is to search for tiny alien creatures on Mars, look for water and learn about the weather and geology.

Olympus Mons

The Olympus Mons volcano is almost 3 times higher than Mount Everest—the tallest mountain on Earth. It is in fact the largest mountain discovered in our solar system!

A home on Mars

There are many challenges that need to be overcome if we are to live on Mars. Unlike Earth, Mars does not have an atmosphere. Our atmosphere is made up of the air we breathe, held in place above the ground by Earth’s gravity. It keeps us warm, provides air for animals and plants to breathe and also creates enough pressure to allow liquid water to exist.

In order to move to Mars we would need to live inside pressurised homes, build greenhouses to grow food and wear space suits to go outside!

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