Eco Warriors!

Recyclable Garbage Consisting Of Glass, Plastic, Metal And Paper.

This fun sort and recycle activity will teach your child about the importance of recycling and show them how we can all contribute (regardless of age!) Most of us don’t enjoy recycling, and that’s why we’re here to inject a little fun into this important cause!

Children should be encouraged to learn about environmental issues and to think about the consequences of their choices – just as much as adults. We’ve chosen 4 recycling symbols for this activity:

  • Paper or Cardboard: This can be recycled up to 7 times and is then quick to decompose.
  • Plastic: This can only be recycled once or twice and will then take 500 years to decompose!
  • Aluminium: This can be recycled infinitely.
  • Glass: This can be reused and recycled infinitely.

You will need:

Clean household waste items, including items from the categories listed above. You can also include items which cannot yet be recycled as this will provide a valuable opportunity for discussion.

Containers to place the sorted items into.

The Learn With OJO worksheet PDF.

Step 1.

Prepare everything that you will need for this activity. Have a dig through the recycling box and gather a selection of your clean household waste. Make sure to remove anything with sharp edges! Print the Recycle at Home worksheet and arrange some containers for your little one to sort the items into.

Step 2.

Show your child the worksheet and ask them to identify as many images and words as they can.

Step 3.

Then ask them to help you sort items according to their material: plastics, glass, aluminium, paper etc. and count as they place them into the container 1.. 2.. 3..

Step 4.

Enter the totals into the rubbish bin shaped boxes on the worksheet!

Bonus Ed-Ventures:

Make a simple puzzle. Cut the front of a cereal packet into 15–20 pieces.

Before you recycle, let your child make junk models out of clean waste items (the tops of baby food pouches make excellent wheels!) and yoghurt pots make fun bath and sand toys.

Check out this YouTube video for 70 ways to reuse plastic water bottles. People have created some amazing new objects—from a simple plant pot to a sublime chandelier, and even a canoe!

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