We are enabling next generation learning

Why OJO exists

Oxford University predicts that 40% of jobs will be lost to automation by 2040. When the robots take over, what will be left for our children to do?

At OJO we are opening your eyes to endless possibilities, avatar manager, vertical farmer, memory augmentation surgeon and professor of play. Success will be defined by the ‘survival of the most adaptable’
Innovate UK.
That’s why OJO is on a mission to help children hone their creative, social and technical skills to succeed in the new world.

How we do it 

OJO builds 5 skills that will inspire your child to succeed in 2040.

We know time is scarce and that's why we offer daily activities for 2 - 7 year olds, which focus on boosting 21st century learning skills.
By fostering these skills, we hope to inspire children to solve some of the world's biggest challenges.

We are fostering skills for Gen 2040

OJO teaches 5 skills that will inspire a love of lifelong learning in your children.










Our Skills:

Reflect the latest research on how young children learn and the future of the work place.
Complement the Early Years, National Curriculum for England, Learn Wales Foundation Phase, Curriculum for Excellence and Montessori curricula.
Value the role that parents and other key adults play in the development of young learners.

Meet Our Team


Maha Khawaja

CEO and Founder

Maha is a marketeer by background, having spent 12 years working in consumer and product marketing for global brands such as, Nescafe, Neutrogena, Nature Valley and Haagen Dazs.

Maha has an MBA from the London Business School and a BSc. from the London School of Economics.

As a mother to a 4 year old boy, Maha is passionate about instilling creativity, ambition and soft skills in young children, to maximise their potential in the competitive global economy we live in.


Christine Havercroft

Learning and Development Director

Mrs Havercroft has had a successful career, spanning over 40 years, as a Head Teacher; in private and state schools, both in the UK and overseas. Now she shares her wealth of knowledge and expertise through the world of OJO.

Look out for her and ‘five minute fillers’ around our site and you’ll find something to inspire, reassure, soothe or make you smile.

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